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Sound Investment Strategies to Pursue Financial Independence

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Welcome to Peter Trummer Financial Advisor, LPL Financial

Peter Trummer is an independent Financial Advisor through  LPL Financial His mission is to help clients in creating, building, and maintaining wealth through effective long-term investment management. Peter understands the importance of superior service and has extensive market knowledge. He aims to create confidence for clients by building solid relationships through trust and communication. Ultimately, Peter’s most important goal is to help clients to "make their dreams come true".

LPL Financial was founded in 1995 to combine the same full service of the nation’s largest financial institutions with the personal touch that is missing in so many firms today.

Clearing through LPL Financial assures access to some of the most highly regarded research and market analysis. In addition, through extensive electronic news sources and databases, we can quickly provide market analysis and background information on thousands of investment possibilities worldwide.

Products & Services

As an Independent Financial Advisor, we take pride in discussing and analyzing your investment goals and needs.  We always will try to find the most suitable investments to help you work toward your financial goals based upon an independent approach to investing.  We have created a menu of products and services we offer clients:

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Free Investment Portfolio Review

We will provide a complimentary investment portfolio review. If you would like a “second opinion” on your investment portfolio, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Long-Term Investing

Volatility has always been a part of equity investing.

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